It is the 1960s as Betty Jean Carter harbors a hidden desire to leave her hometown in the Bayou. She not only wants to attend college, but also escape her abusive stepfather and demanding mother. One day when Betty Jean tells her parents she wants to enroll in Howard University, her abusive stepfather and unsupportive mother shun the idea. Confused and hurt, Betty Jean runs away.
After Betty Jean hitchhikes to Washington, D.C., she soon realizes she lacks the finances and criteria to be accepted at Howard. With nowhere to live, Betty Jean is embraced by the underground street life. As she delves into a dark world of drugs and prostitution, she must somehow learn to survive. Now torn between her hopes of attending college and her new normal, Betty Jean is propelled down a path she never could have imagined as tragedy waits to emerge from the shadows.
In this compelling urban tale, a young woman embarks on a dangerous journey to find independence, realize her dreams, and overcome family secrets.