It is the 1960s as Betty Jean Carter harbors a hidden desire to leave her hometown in the Bayou. She not only wants to attend college, but also escape her abusive stepfather and demanding mother. One day when Betty Jean tells her parents she wants to enroll in Howard University, her abusive stepfather and unsupported mother shun the idea. Confused and hurt, Betty Jean runs away.

After Betty Jean hitchhikes to Washington, D.C., she soon realizes she lacks the finances and criteria to be accepted at Howard. With nowhere to live, Betty Jean is embraced by the underground street life. As she delves into a dark world of… [read more]

Riveting read!
“I read this book with my book club and everyone who read it loved it. It was real and the use of flashbacks to tell the back story of the characters kept the story from being boring. I recommend this book for other book clubs. The themes in it will spark many lively discussions.”

– Tanya Anderson, Review